Ren Hoek

    Character » Ren Hoek appears in 67 issues.

    Ren Hoek is a rage-filled chihuahua and best friend of Stimpy.

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    Ren Hoek is a full blooded Asthma Hound Chihuahua and the long-standing friend of Stimpson J. Cat. Despite being natural enemies in the wild, Ren and Stimpy have teamed up in the face of adversity to eke out a living in a bizarre and often cruel world.

    Character Evolution

    Ren has worked at numerous jobs in the attempt to make a living and help out his less-than bright friend Stimpy. He has been a rubber nipple salesman, professional wrestler, a Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman, mouse impersonator, cartoon producer, nature show host, tank paratrooper, space explorer, hairball entrepreneur, fireman, and former president of Stimpy's fan club. Often provoked to violent outbursts, Ren's anger is the source of much of his powers. Often Stimpy is at the end of these outbursts, but Ren has been known to destroy whole forests if provoked. Stimpy once tried to help him by creating the Happy Helmet, which enabled Ren to smile and sing the "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" song, but Ren eventually destroyed the helmet with a hammer.

    More recently there have been rumors that Ren and Stimpy are romantically involved, but this has yet to be confirmed.


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