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Green Lantern

Status: Deceased

Space Sector: 1132

Sector Partner: Unknown

Homeworld: Z'Nang

Predecessor: Meeno Monak

Successor: Unknown


Remnant Nod comes from the planet Z'Nang, where he was a political prisoner of Z'Nang's dominant political party, the H'od, and their corrupt dictator, Korhalem.

Remnant Nod found himself languishing in a H'od dungeon as punishment for his outspoken opposition to the tyranny of the H'od. Although courageous in his defiance of his world's masters, Remnant Nod would have, in all likelihood, died imprisoned and alone had it not been for the courageous sacrifice of his predecessor, Meeno Monak, the Green Lantern of Arden.

Meeno Monak, had inherited the ring from his father, the Green Lantern of Arden, Lodar Monak who had died in a valiant attempt to beat back a H'od armada, single handedly. Enraged and filled with grief, Meeno Monak used his new found power to divert a comet into the path of Z'Nang, with the idea of destroying the H'od war-bots with one overwhelming attack.

Although he was directly warned against this action by the Guardians of the Universe themselves, Meeno Monak persisted with his plan. It was only after the Guardians showed Meeno all of the innocent people who would perish in his attack, did Meeno Monak sacrifice himself to stop the comet's deadly course. Exposing himself to attack by the war-bots, Meeno Monak focused all of his power on diverting the comet from a now regrettable collision. His actions saved Z'Nang, but exposed him to an ultimately fatal attack.

The H'od initially celebrated the death of Meeno Monak, until his power ring picked a successor whose courage and desire for freedom had already led him in direct conflict with Korhalem. Remnant Nod was chosen while locked away deep in his prison cell. He immediately used his new found power to launch an uprising against his home world’s oppressors and retake Z’Nang for its people.

Remnant Nod was among the member of the Green Lantern Corps sent to accompany Sinestro as he was transported to Korugar to stand trial. When the Sinestro Corps attempted to rescue their leader, Remnant Nod engaged a Sinestro soldier in combat. Their battle was interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Red Lantern Corps who tore through both Green and Yellow Corps alike in their attempt to capture Sinestro for their own revenge. Remnant Nod was torn in half at the waist by a rage fueled Atrocitus, dying a brutal death in service to the Corps.

Remnant Nod meets a gruesome end in service to the Corps
Remnant Nod meets a gruesome end in service to the Corps

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