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Awesome powers? Adventures all over the world? Andy Xenon was the boy hero every kid wished they could be! But then he turned 18 and those powers vanished. No more adventures. What happened? Why? Never getting any explanations, Andy resigned to life as a normal guy… and it’s a quiet misery. Nobody believes he used to be Andy Xenon. People have moved on to new adventurers and, each year, fewer even remember Andy, at all...

But one person hasn’t forgotten. A journalist has tracked Andy down for a soul-searching interview. At last, he can set the record straight, review his reckless youth with hard-earned wisdom… and maybe figure out what went wrong. Is it too late for answers? Or can Andy earn a second chance?

Sometimes, the end of a story is only just the beginning.

A 48-page one-shot that writer Kieron Gillen touts as a "beautiful and human post-deconstructionist superheroes in the mode of Astro City" and writer J.M. DeMatteis calls a "cosmic romp with a sharp sense of humor and great group of characters."

Guest artists contributing to the'We Remember Andy Xenon' companion piece included in this one-shot...

  • Alfa Robbi (A.K.A.“Sharknob”)
  • Enis Cisic
  • Joel Gomez
  • Farid Karami
  • Kevin Castaniero
  • Clay Mccormack
  • Patrick McEvoy
  • Joe Suitor
  • Lesley Vamos
  • Charles Paul Wilson III


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Story Arcs

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