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 Tag you're it
 Tag you're it
This afro-toting Warrior is the artist (hence the name!) who uses a spray can to tag places where The Warriors have been. Rembrandt also uses the spray can to fight off the Punks by spraying the leader in the face. He gets cut by The Lizzies (even though he was the cautious one who could sense that something wasn't quite right). Rembrandt gets injured and left behind frequently!

Other Media

The Novel 
Rembrandt was originally in the novel Warriors written in 1965 by Sol Yurik.  In the novel his name was Hinton.
The Movie
The charter of Rembrandt was in the movie and was played by Marcelino Sanchez
 Taging  in the Video Game
 Taging in the Video Game
The Video Games
The Video games were based more on the movie than the novel and used all the same characters.  It also took them through the same scenes of the film. 

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