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Rembrandt makes a comeback to his singing gig for the San Francisco giants baseball game. However, Rembrandt finds himself travelling though a passing portal and lands on the alternate ice world where he finds the rest of the sliders. He tells Quinn Mallory to get him back home. But the sliders couldn't make it since they travel to each different world. Rembrandt blames Quinn for the accident but later learns to accept his mistakes and move on. 


Over the years of sliding, Rembrandt visits worlds where his other parallel versions have the same singing talent but others were quite different. Rembrandt develops a friendship with Wade Wells including Quinn although he wished that he hadn't brought him with them and stayed back home. In Season 3, Rembrandt was seen with Wade passing through the portal during the separation whereas Quinn and Maggie stayed behind to wait for the next portal. In Season 4, Rembrandt and Wade were captured by the Kromaggs on Earth Prime, the home of the sliders. However, Rembrandt was kept in a jail cell and was under one of the Kromagg's mind tricks and couldn't hear Wade's cry for help. He also felt responsible for not able to help her. Rembrandt was convinced and rescued by Quinn and Maggie and later learns that Wade was transported to the next world. In Season 5, Rembrandt reunites with Wade when he later learns that she was being used as a cyborg experiment to open the interdimensional portal and destroy worlds. Rembrandt couldn't leave her but Wade urges him to go. Wade also tells Rembrandt that it wasn't his fault that he couldn't save her back on Earth Prime. Rembrandt leaves Wade behind and destroys the Kromaggs and other cyborgs. 


In the final episode of Season 5, "The Seer", an old psychic tells the sliders that their next sliding journey is their end and they might die. When they learn that the people of this last world have a biological weapon to destroy the Kromaggs, Rembrandt injects himself with the weapon and travels through a new portal alone with the use of Kromagg technology. When the psychic sees him travelling, he dies and the sliders were worried that Rembrandt would die during his next slide. It wasn't confirmed whether Rembrandt survived or able to infect the Kromaggs with the virus.

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