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    The modified remains of an OMAC taken down by the Outsiders. It now fights on their side. It is remotely controlled by Dr. Salah Miandad, a scientist and behind the scenes member of the Outsiders.

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    ReMac is a partially active OMAC cyborg, left after the events of the OMAC project. With the help of Francine Langstrom, Batman claims the OMAC for himself, fooling the Justice League in the process. The android seems to have no personality of its own, being merely a shell. Because of the lack of personality and free will, ReMac is the perfect target for villains to control. Batman, seeing this, uses a device to project Salah Miandad's presence in the cyborg.

    However, while testing a new neural interface machine, Salah ends up in a coma. His mind comes to reside in ReMac.

    After the events of Batman R.I.P ReMac was fed a self destruct code by the villainous Black Glove, thereby ending Salah's life and knocking Thunder into a coma.


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