Character » Rem-Ram appears in 26 issues.

    Rem-Ram was an Acolyte who joined Cortez on his assault on the X-Men.

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    Rem-Ram was ordered by Cortez to enter the dreams of the X-Men, so that the other Acolytes complete a mission without being detected. Rem-Ram first enters the dream of Xavier. But Xavier being a telepath, Rem-Ram isn't able to control his dreams, only direct them a little. Apparently he hasn't used his powers much before. With Cortez boosting his powers, he links Xavier to the other X-Men while entering their dreams. But this appears to have been a bad idea, because Xavier awakens and mentally attacks the Acolytes, and summons the X-Men to fight them off. During the fight Cortez orders Rem-Ram to enter Xaviers mind again, but Rem-Ram tells him he can't because it would hurt him too much. In anger Cortez uses his powers on Rem-Ram and tells him he is a traitor. Rem-Ram gets saved by Rogue. Xavier restores his mind after the battle and the Acolytes ask for asylum, but when Xavier denies them that, Rem-Ram leaves with his fellow Acolytes.


    Rem-Ram is able to psi-link with people who are asleep and influence their dreams. He can plant suggestions into their dreams by delving through their thoughts and feelings which influences their behavior when they are awake. Using his powers on an awake person gives him great pain.


    Rem-Ram was created by Fabian Nicieza, Alan Davis w/ Lee Weeks in 1999 and first appeared in The Magneto War #1


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