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    Team » Relative Heroes appears in 12 issues.

    Team consisting of extended family.

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    Orphaned in a car crash, the superpowered Weinberg children embarked on a trip to see Superman - an odyssey that became the inagural adventure of the Relative Heroes. Police, child welfare officers, and DEO agents pursued the Relative Heroes Team, which consisted of Joel (Houston), younger sister Aviva (Temper), her  baby-sitter Damara Sinclair (Allure), and the Weinberg's adopted brothers Tyson Gilford (Blindside) and Cameron Begay (Omni). When the troupe reached Metropolis, the scientists of STAR labs revealed that Omni came from alien stock. The Relative Heroes convinced Omni's people to let him stay on Earth.  

    The Realtive Heroes chose not to become full time super heroes, but for now they remain potential players for the future. 

    Joel Aaron Weinberg

    (Houston) - no superhuman talent, but because of his extensive knowlege of comic books he is an excelent leader

    Aviva Joby Weinberg

    (Temper) - posses the power to generate electricity 

    Damara Sinclaire

    (Allure) - mystic pheromones and powers of persuasion 

    Tyson Gilford

    (Blindside) - can become invisible at will 

    Camern Begay 

    (Omni)- can mimic powers of others, member of an alien race known as Es 


    (no other name)- member of an alien race known as Es. When she and Omni came to Earth she took the form of a plant, believing that plants were the dominate life form.

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