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    A cartoonish demon from Limbo who is obsessed with Peter Parker and was possessed by a fragment of the Venom symbiote.

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    Rek-Rap was a demon of Limbo who was used by Ben Reilly and Madelyne Pryor to torture Peter Parker, Robbie Robertson, and J. Jonah Jameson. They were placed in a twisted, cartoonish facsimile of their real life, with Rek-Rap as a random Daily Bugle office drone. When Peter saved Rek-Rap from a bully one day, against expectations, Rek-Rap was inspired to become a hero himself. Without any special powers, he was no match for the other demons. One day, a demon offered him powers and bonded him to a sliver of the Venom symbiote.


    Rek-Rap debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #17 (2022) by Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Web

    Part of Peter's Limbo torture was being attacked by a demonic version of the Sinister Six, called the Insidious Six. Nearly overpowered, Rek-Rap came to Spider-Man's aid in protecting JJ and Robbie while they make a break for the portal back to Earth. Standing between them was Ben Reilly, who has usurped Madelyne Pryor's throne as ruler of Limbo when she betrayed him to the X-Men.

    With his new power upgrade, Ben moves Madelyne's tower to Earth and lets her demon army loose on New York City. Because Ben's girlfriend, Janine, also got a supernatural upgrade to mimic monsters, Spidey needed Rek-Rap's help. So, Rek-Rap follows Spidey to Earth to stop Ben and Janine, while Madelyne and the X-Men take on the demons. Rek-Rap was especially excited to fight Janine as she was in a werewolf form

    After Madelyne took back her authority over Limbo, she was dedicated to turning over a new leaf and was granted an embassy in New York. This would allow some of the demons of Limbo to travel freely to New York, including Rek-Rap.

    Insidious Six

    Hero's welcome
    Hero's welcome

    After the events of Dark Web, the Insidious Six had escaped and were hiding in New York. Rek-Rap believing himself to be a hero decided to go on patrol and capture them. His fights with individual members got the attention of Mayor Luke Cage, who requested help from Pryor. She agreed to assign a more stable agent, Re-Po, to capture the demons with less fuss. Rek-Rap believed Re-Po to be a villain. He witnessed Re-Po kidnapping Randy Robertson due to a grudge Re-Po had with Peter Parker in his former life.

    Rek-Rap got word to Spider-Man, but the duo managed to get repossessed during the rescue mission. The Insidious Six were so annoyed with Rek-Rap that they agreed to help Spider-Man escape if he brought Rek-Rap with him. After a painstaking journey out of Re-Po's gullet, the two landed in a torture chamber where Re-Po was about to kill Randy. The duo captured Re-Po and had him and the other demons delivered to Pryor.

    Appreciative but reluctant, Pryor gave Rek-Rap the hero's welcome he requested.

    Powers & Abilities

    Slinging web
    Slinging web

    Symbiote Host: As a host to a symbiote, Rek-Rap is capable of approximating most of the Spider-Man's abilities including increased strength and agility and wall-crawling.

    • Web-Slinger: Rek-Rap's symbiote is capable of making its own webbing.
    • Spidey-Spranger: In a weird twist on Spider-Man's belt buckle flashlight, Rek-Rap's belt buckle is solid and springs from his waist to punch people in the face.

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