"X-Men" Reign of X

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    Second phase of the X-Men’s Krakoan era.

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    Krakoan era in order:

    House of X/Powers of X
    Dawn of X
    X of Swords
    Reign of X
    Trials of X
    X Lives/Deaths of Wolverine
    Destiny of X
    Sins of Sinister
    Fall of X

    Reign of X includes:

    Reading recommendation:

    The main storyline takes place in the X-Men series and leads to Planet-Size X-Men one-shot. Then resumes in the new X-Men #1 by writer Gerry Duggan. But Hickman's storyline doesn't end there, and its ending takes place in the follow-up Inferno mini-series.

    At the end of Reign of X, there is also an informal crossover event Hellfire Gala. Subsequently, the event will become annual and less important.

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