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    Regis is the secret ruler of Sliding Albion.

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    Regis is a member of an alien race. He and his species made contact with an earth of alternate dimension in England some time in the 16 century.  It seems only five people made it out of the encounter.  Despite the meeting happing in England the power faction was spread between both England and Italy. Italy was somewhat more accepting of the aliens and they breed with the humans and Regis became a leader. This point in time is responsible for the dimension being called the Sliding Albion. However England stayed a more traditional power keeping the most humans and even their royal courts and heritage. Due to the influence of the blue aliens that humans progressed much faster in a technological sense but still remained many social issues. Italy was not quite as advanced and became jealous of other countries. They began wars against countries weaker and poorer than them such as China and Africa and even used very deadly weapons such as biological warfare and even nukes.

    As a side effect of the attacks the planet began to became very polluted and this resulted in infertility in many of the females so Blues could not mix with the humans. To handle the crisis Regis began to organize countries to be used as a "rape camps" due to having a higher birth rate. Luckly however for the people of his planet Jenny Sparks made her way to that dimension via an accident and even brought along the British Space Corps . Regis almost died but did survive and had males killed and went ahead to force impregnate the women. This failed as the women could not handle the assaults. He chose to attack more countries that still had fertility and this event sparked many world wars and after the 9th Regis became king of the Sliding Albion. 

    50 years passed and the planet still began to wither so Regis choose to turn our Earth into a breeding ground and invaded. However he once again met Jenny Spark but this time she had brought along her friends from the Authority. They traveled through the Bleed and attacked him and his forces. This battle resulted in Regis finally meeting his end after Midnighter and Jack Hawksmoor came after him. Midnighter was beaten but Jack calling on the power of every city finished Regis off and the country of Italy being flooded.


    Regis is an alien Blue. His alien body grants him great strength, durability, fire prood and an extended life span if not truly immortal. His physique is greater than humans as he weighs 300 lbs and is 7 feet tall.

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