Regis Tyne

    Character » Regis Tyne appears in 13 issues.

    Mr. Tyne is a mob accountant working for Jackie Estacado.

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    As an orphan, Regis Tyne was adopted by a man known as Father Raskin who was the leader of an Angelus cult determined to do the bidding of the Angelus and rid the world of the Darkness and its vessel – Jackie Estacado.

    Tyne was trained from a young age on how to fight.   He was not trained in the skilled arts of fighting, but how to be a scrapper and to fight without thinking. Tyne survived his first few years with Father Raskin and the Angelus cult by keeping himself alive, and would be rewarded by being educated and cared for by the cult. Tyne’s was never top of his class, that honor was given to another student named Riley.

    Riley would come to learn that Tyne and another teenage boy named Garret were lovers and threatened to reveal this to the leaders within the cult. Tyne, without hesitation, picked up a rock and killed Riley to stop him from exposing Tyne and Garret. Upon Riley’s murder, Tyne was not punished for his crime by the leaders within the cult but graduated Tyne and sent him out in to the field as a new operative of the cult’s unit know as “The Angeuls’ Sword Among Men”.

    The mission of these operatives was to track down and destroy the Darkness.   Tyne has made claims that the cult knew Jackie would be the wielder before even Jackie was aware.   The manly attempts on Jackie’s life early as a member of the Franchetti Family were mainly handed out by Tyne and his team.   Once Jackie became the Darkness, the cult knew that they needed to take a different route to destroy the Darkness because a frontal attack would no longer work.

    Tyne would eventually go back to school and learn to become an accountant and worked himself in to a crime family in New Jersey as a sleeper agent, eventually finding himself working alongside Jackie and his new team.

    Tyne made an attempt on Jackie life using the Sun Dagger, but hesitated and giving Jackie a moment to behead Tyne, killing him. Tyne is now a darkling construct being controlled by Jackie.


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