Régis Loisel

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    French comic book writer and artist

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    In 1972, when Régis Loisel was 20, he made his comics debut in the magazine, Pieds Nickéles. At that time he was still in college at the University of Vincennes, where he was taking courses in creating comics. These courses were offered in Europe long before schools like SCAD were ever even imagined in the United States.

    For awhile, Loisel contributed to other magazines such as Pilote and Mormoil, both writing and drawing his own stories until 1975. In that year, he joined forces with writer, Serge Le Tendre, resulting in the first version of La Quête de l’Oiseau du Temps (The Quest of the Bird of Time) appearing in Imagine magazine. The style that Loisel employed on this series became the standard for all European fantasy artists ever since.

    In 1990, his second popular series, Peter Pan, was published. It combined ’s Barrie's classical adventure with a Dickens-inspired story of an orphan.

    Through the years, Loisel has appeared in Métal Hurlant and Heavy Metal. Additionally, he worked on the animated features, Atlantis and Mulan, for Walt Disney Studios.


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