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    Person » Reginald Hudlin is credited in 177 issues.

    He is a comic writer, film director and producer. He was famous for writing Black Panther from 2005-2009.

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    In comic books

    Reginald "Reggie" Hudlin is best known for his run on Black Panther from 2005 to 2009. His run was controversial and found mixed reviews among critics and fans though sales were strong for the most part. As his run continued however sales slowly started going down with the occasional surge. After relaunching a new Black Panther series which saw Shuri take over as the Black Panther from T'challa he handed over the writing reigns to Jonathan Maberry. During his run he wed the Black Panther and Storm. In 2009 Hudlin will pen the first meeting of the Black Panther and Captain America, set in World War II. The strength of his Black Panther lead to a one season Black Panther Animated series which aired in Australia and later saw release on Ipod in North America.

    He also had a year-long run on Marvel Knights: Spider-Man. During his run, he participated in the event Spider-Man: The Other, which crossed over with Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man titles, and was written by Hudlin, J. Michael Straczynski and Peter David.

    Outside of comics

    Reggie is a successful writer/director/producer of film and television series. He is best known for writing and directing the 1990 comedy "House Party" and "Boomerang." Other notable works include "The Great White Hype", "The Ladies Man", "Saving Sarah."

    Reggie was also the first President of Entertainment for BET (Black Entertainment Television) from 2005-2009.


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