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    Regent is a magician as old as 20,000 years old who had long warred with Zarathos in his duration as a shaman with Caretaker to their order in The Blood. As time progressed within the Blood and their occult battles with evil, Regent became jaded and conceited with power to protecting humanity in the desires of controlling people with dark forces.

    As time progressed, Regent conspired with a mystical warrior faction known as the Hidden in efforts to manipulate events to see Roxanne Simpson Blaze marry John Blaze in his predestined efforts of being a vessel of Zarathos on the effects of Mephisto with the false promises of Regent exorcising John Blaze or their offspring at a later time. Given Blaze's earlier fall-outs against the Ghost Rider (Ketch) and cursed effects of hellfire deforming his body, Blaze went home to attempt to rescue his family since kidnapped by Regent.

    Regent conspired to harness the Medallion of Power of its energies that were a legacy spell that could be passed onto John Blaze's children Craig Blaze and Emma Blaze in the prospects of either siphoning their power onto himself or raising the children as elemental forces of magic to further control people. On the mystical intervention on protectors Caretaker and Seer did Blaze finally intervene to eliminate members of The Hidden while eliminating Regent into a secreted temple in the hills from a hellfire attack. Roxanne would later confide her dealings to had Regent use exorcism to remove Zarathos from his body as Ghost Rider at the time, even at the cost of their children, but held a change of heart years later into their marriage.

    Seer would later appear in a final battle within the compound to use deflection spells to destroy the hideout of The Hidden and have Regent buried under hellfire and snow as the compound fell destroyed. Seer, John Blaze and his family would later leave to recuperate believing Regent has since been dead.


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