Character » Regent appears in 23 issues.

    The omnipotent ruler of the Regency who slaughtered all of its superheroes and harvested their powers years ago.

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    Regent is actually Augustus Roman, a wealthy industrialist whom designed a prison for supervilains and made himself a symbiotic armor that can take over the powers of any superpowered individuals whom he captures.


    Regent was created by Dan Slott and Adam Kubert and first appeared in an alternate reality in the Secret Wars mini-series Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows issue 1 (2015). He first appeared in the main Marvel Universe some months later in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man Vol.4 issue 1 (2015).

    Major Story Arcs


    Regent attended a charity event planned by Parker Industries, in which he wanted to donate money to the "Uncle Ben Foundation". It was however then that he was attacked by supervillain The Ghost. An also present Mary Jane Watson helped Regent back on his feet, and had the vague fealing they had met before (which happened, but in the alternate reality). After Ghost was captured, he was brought towards Regent's prison, whom felt it was time for him to take powers from not just the villains, but also the superhero community.

    Other Versions

    Secret Wars (Battleworld Reality)

    In the patchwork planet known as Battleworld, Regent was in charge of a small part of Battleworld. He had become a Baron of Doom after he killed off most of his universe's heroes and had stolen their powers with help from his battlesuit. Only a few heroes remained, among them was Spider-Man. He had however retired to protect his wife and daughter from the dark reign of Regent. Eventually, Peter fought and defeated Regent with help from his wife, daughter and a few other remaining heroes.


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