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The roughly 18 year old Regan is part of a group who claim to find out whether anonymous tip of the supernatural are hoaxes are not. The team travels where ever the wind blows and are first met in Louisiana. The team are especially intrested with occult and cryptic experiences. The exact origins of the team is unknown, but it would appear that as the comics go on flashbacks of the different members of the team will be revealed. The team is based on various television programmes in which people attempt to prove sightings of the supernatural as hoaxes.


Steeve Seeley and Michael Moreci are the creators of this comic and are the authors whilst Axel Medellin is the illustrator. The comics belong in the Image world (ie its made by Image) and therefore may finds its way into the DC universe.

Powers and Abilities

It is unclear but as the story unravels it seems that Regan is developing telepathy as well as telekinesis She also appears to have awareness of spirits not of an Earthly realm.


Regan is roughly 18 and 5ft8 weighing approximately 100lbs she often wears shorts sunglasses and a vest/t-shirt which complements her ginger hair.


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