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    Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 1313.

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    Green Lantern
    Status: Deceased
    Space Sector: 1313
    Sector Partner: Unknown
    Homeworld: Xanshi
    Predecessor: Unknown
    Successor: Unknown


    Reever, the Green Lantern of Xanshi, first entered into service with the Green Lantern Corps when the planet Toomey IV sent a military expedition to Xanshi. Reever quickly dealt with the invaders and sent them back to their homeworld in defeat.  On Toomey IV, archivist Arkkis Chummuck discovered the Green Lantern's weakness to yellow.  Arkkis falsified records to gain the use of a spaceship to lure the Green Lantern into battle.  Wearing yellow power armor, he was able to defeat the Green Lantern. During their battle, he had unintentionally, but mortally, wounded Reever.  As his death approached, Reever was obligated to pass on his ring to a worthy successor. The ring selected Arkkis Chummuck, and the Green Lantern gave Arkkis the ring voluntarily and justly.  As is his race's custom, Arkkis ate the remains of his enemy to give honor to his death.  On Oa, Green Lantern Malet Dasim considered Arkkis a murderer. Dasim charged a tribunal of Green Lanterns to cast out Arkkis as a disgrace to the Corps.  Arkkis was defended by the nest brother of the deceased Green Lantern of Xanshi. The power ring had been passed on to Arkkis in accordance with the rules of the Green Lantern Corps.  Arkkis was found innocent of the charges. 

    Reever is honored alongside his fallen comrades in the Crypts of Oa

    Reever's species shared their homeworld of Xanshi with that of former Green Lantern Bounty Hunter and Sinestro Corps Soldier, Fatality, who is currently a member of the Star Sapphire Corps.  Their world was destroyed in the Cosmic Odyssey by an 'aspect' of the Anti-Life Equation.  The destruction of Xanshi is an event over which Green Lantern John Stewart holds much guilt.

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