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Who doesn't like a comic about a cowboy who rides a bear?

Reed and his bear friend Sterling are introduced here as an awesome, best-of-friends, western duo. The issue is pretty cut and dry where it introduces us to Reed and Sterling and then quickly they meet a tough, woman on the range who has a little bit of a snake problem.
(Some Freudian followers might see a metaphor here, but I'm pretty sure this is all in good fun...and you know...not sexually driven.) =P
And they are more than happy to help! 
Immediately we see that Reed is more the sweet talking, flirting type and Sterling is the one who takes care of business. Reed even seems like he might be a bit of a pacifist by seemingly avoiding to hurt the snakes which would make for a good comical duo. 
Not much else is explored here besides that. We have some great action panels with the snakes and some alluring personalities but that's enough for me. Needless to say, I can't wait for July's issue. Reed Gunther and Sterling, Away!

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