Reece Talbot

    Character » Reece Talbot appears in 12 issues.

    Reece Talbot is a nurse and the legal caretaker of Declan Thomas, who she has been taking care of as a live-in patient for the past 5 years. Declan does not communicate or do anything - everybody thinks he is crazy. To Reece he is a mystery and she needs to solve it.

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    Reece Talbot is a twenty-nine years of age and a beautiful young woman who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a nurse and the legal caretaker of Declan Thomas, who lives at her apartment as a live-in patient. Five years ago, she got Declan released into here custody from a mental institute that couldn't help him anymore.


    Reece Talbot was created by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra, and first appeared in Colder #1; published by Dark Horse Comics in 2012.

    Character Evolution

    Reece is not much of a social person though she got the looks and it seems every men tries to get on a date with her. However, Reece prefers to stay at home and look after Declan Thomas, her live-in patient who is different and unlike anybody else. He does not communicate or do much at all. Besides, his body temperature is so low and cold, he shouldn't even live anymore. To Reece Declan is a mystery and she wants to solve it. Instead of going out on dates, she spends most of the time talking and reading to Declan without any response.  
    One day, when she least expected it, Declan calls her name "Reece? I think, it's time we had a talk!"


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