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    Falcon's pet bird that has saved him on many occasions. Redwing has a telepathic connection to Falcon.

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    Purchased and named in Rio De Janeiro by Samuel "Snap" Wilson, Redwing was brought to the Isle of Exiles when Wilson attempted to hijack and crash a mob plane full of money. Soon after he crashed, Wilson's mind and body were altered by the Red Skull in a plot to create an agent that would befriend and eventually betray Captain America. Using a Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull reverted Sam to his pre-criminal mindset and gave him a telepathic link with Redwing as well as planting a desire for heroes. After aiding Sam and Captain America back to Harlem, where the Falcon set himself as solo crime fighter. Shortly thereafter the Falcon began a partnership with Captain America, with Redwing aiding them against several villains including Diamond Head, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM)'s Bulldozer android, the gangster Stoneface and Dr. Erik Gorbo. Redwing was even briefly turned to stone during a battle with Grey Gargoyle. During a battle against the Viper, Redwing failed to retrieve the antidote to Viper's poison, prompting Falcon to train Redwing heavily in retrieval afterwards, first revealing the psychic bond between the two when Falcon managed to telepathically summon Redwing against the S.H.I.E.L.D. "Wild Bill robot".

    Shortly afterwards, Redwing was captured by archer Mortimer Freebish, who attempted to hold the bird hostage in an effort to defeat Falcon and thereby, become rich and famous. Once Redwing was freed however, the duo made short work of Freebish. The Falcon soon joined the Avengers, bringing Redwing along into battles against the Absorbing Man and the Grey Gargoyle, where Redwing was once again briefly turned to stone. Following his transportation into space alongside the Falcon during the Grandmaster and Death's " Contest of Champions", Redwing joined the Falcon in numerous cases involving the Serpent Society, Apocalypse's Horseman Famine and breakout at the Vault superhuman prison. During the reconstruction of the then-destroyed Avengers Mansion, Redwing and the construction crew take Stilt-Man who, along with other supervillains, was attempting to sabotage the construction. Redwing and Falcon soon learned that due to their psychic link, the Falcon was able to telepathically "see" through the eyes of Redwing and other birds in his vicinity, an ability that allowed him to defeat Mr. Hyde with the aid of the Avengers.

    While Falcon was with the Avengers, Redwing aided them in tracking down the missing half of the cosmic In-Betweener's psyche, defeating a new incarnation of Scorpio and bringing the Scarecrow to justice. Redwing's connection with the Falcon was also instrumental in exposing US Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk as the Red Skull, when Redwing acted as a spy to discover Rusk's true nature.

    The Falcon and Redwing next aided Captain America in restoring the Winter Soldier's memories, as well as as siding with Captain America during the superhuman Civil War that erupted upon the enactment of the Superhuman Registration Act. Following Captain America's death at the end of the war, the Falcon registered with the US government along with Redwing, and the two remain crimefighters in the Harlem area.

    Falcon later joined the Pet Avengers when Lockjaw approached them about helping the team find the Infinity Gems. Redwing aided them when they went into the Savage Land to help find the gems, going against Devil Dinosaur. And he was also swallowed with the team into the mouth of Giganto, later helping in convincing Throg that they needed Lockjaw to teleport them out, bringing them to the White House and in the battle against Thanos. Redwing, like the others, was blasted by Thanos who was later defeated by Lockjaw. And the team eventually separated, going their own way.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 10"
    • Weight: 3.9 oz
    • Eye Color: Yellow
    • Plumage Color: Red
    • Species: Falcon
    • Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Known Masters: Falcon/Sam Wilson
    • Distinguishing features: 22" wingspan

    Powers and Abilities of Redwing

    Redwing posses the abilities typical of a highly trained American Kestral, including the tapered wings capable of light and quick change of aerial direction (although his size and coloration are more typical of a red-tailed x red-shouldered hybrid). Redwing also has exceptional vision, able to spot a target several miles away and sharp talons capable of rending flash. Like most birds, Redwing also has a sharp beak, sufficient enough to cut a leather whip in two.

    Redwing also shares a telepathic link with his trainer/partner, the Falcon. This link allows Redwing to understand orders given to him in English, whether verbally or telepathically by the Falcon. Due to the link, the Falcon can telepathically "see" through the eyes of Redwing and other birds in his vicinity, allowing him to psychically "see" what Redwing sees.

    Redwing also has been extensively trained by the falcon in aerial combat and maneuvering, including doing loop-de-loops around enemies and hovering in front of a car's windshield without being hit to provide distractions. He is also trained to retrieve items on command, such as disarming a gun toting enemy.

    Other Media


    • Rather than being a pet bird, Redwing is portrayed as a drone that could be piloted by remote or put on auto-pilot. It rests in a charging dock on Sam's flight harness. It first appears in Captain America: Civil War and most of Sam's Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances since.


    Avengers: United They Stand
    Avengers: United They Stand

    Video Games

    Lego Avengers
    Lego Avengers
    • Redwing appears as an assist character for Falcon (Classic) in Lego Marvel's Avengers. He can attack enemies before returning to Falcon's side.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Redwing appears as a pack-in with the Falcon figure for ToyBiz's Avengers: United They Stand action figure line.
    • Redwing appears in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as a pack-in with the Falcon figure from the Mojo Build-a-Figure wave.
    • A lead figurine depicting Falcon and Redwing was produced by Eaglemoss Publications for The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
    • Falcon and Redwing appear together in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen Designs produced a statue depicting Falcon and Redwing.
    • Redwing appears as a pack-in with the Marvel Universe Falcon figure from Hasbro.
    • The Marvel Tsum Tsum line from Jakks Pacific featured a Falcon figure that came with a Redwing pack-in.

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