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    Redstone is a super-powered character associated with the Squadron Supreme. On Earth-712, where his powers are magical in nature, giving him strength from the Earth. In the Supreme Power universe, he is a serial killer with powers derived from Hyperion's DNA. He is an analogue to both DC Comics' Black Adam and Geo-Force.

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    Redstone is native to the alternate universe of the Squadron Supreme. Michael Redstone was born on an Apache reservation in the United Stated of 'Earth S', also called Earth-712. He became a member of Nighthawk's Redeemers, and drew his power from the Earth, much like Geo-Force of DC Comics, though he was also an analogue for Black Adam.


    Mark Gruenwald and John Buscema created the first Redstone.

    Major Story Arcs

    Nighthawk of Earth-712 recruited Redstone into the Redeemers, a group of rebels in opposition to the Squadron's tyranny of the United States. Moonglow, Inertia, Haywire, Thermite, Mink, Remnant, Pinball, and Black Archer were all members of the Redeemers along with Redstone, under the leadership of Nighthawk. The Squadron used the Behavior Modification process to alter the minds of criminals and take over the world.

    When the Redeemers infiltrated the Squadron, Redstone and Thermite captured Shape, taking him back to headquarters to reverse the Behavior Modification process. Redstone later helped the Redeemers fight the Squadron in Squadron City, ending their dictatorship. Redstone and Lamprey managed to defeat Hyperion during the battle.

    When Redstone traveled out of Earth's atmosphere with the Redeemers, to confront the Nth Man, Redstone realized he needed to stay on Earth in order to live, becoming very ill. Later return to Earth did not prevent his death, and Redstone later died from being away from Earth to long.


    Earth-712 Redstone drew his powers from the Earth, and had super strength whilst in contact with the ground. He had strength and durability on par with Hyperion, as well as stamina. The extent of his powers depended on his contact with Earth and its atmosphere, as he died when he was away from Earth too long. He had decent hand to hand combat skills, being trained by Nighthawk and others.

    Alternate Versions

    Another version of Redstone is seen in the Supreme Power universe, and is the first supervillain there. He was created by Gary Frank and J Michael Straczynski. His powers are on par with the likes of Hyperion, though he lacks the power of flight. This version of Redstone was a serial killer and renegade soldier. He had a strange psychology of loathing any woman with power over him, leading him to kill a female sergeant who outranked him in the military.


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