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Redline was once known as Theo, son of the Goth king Aluric, and was an exceptional military leader in his own right. But he wanted more. He struck a deal with the Triarchs to gain even greater power. The Triarchs betrayed him, using him for their diabolical experiments along with Ravyn and Glyph. Imbuing them with the might of the vampire king Despair (who was trapped in the sword Despair), the Triarchs created the Ravening. Upon becoming Ravening, Theo slew his father, thus beginning Secutor's unending quest to destroy Theo and the other Ravening.


Redline was created by Mark Seifert and William Christensen.

Powers & Abilities

Theo has the ability to transform into an extremely powerfull, rampaging creature for brief periods. In this form, he's about 10 feet tall, extremely muscular, and has a tough hide, claws and fangs. In this form, Theo becomes little more than a mindless berserker.


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