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    Redlance, member of The Wolf Riders; tree-shaper, holtkeeper, & defender

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    The Wolf Riders are elves who are lead by Cutter, son of Bear Claw. They ride and communicate with wolves who they treat as family members. Although most Elves have near eternal life, the Wolf Riders do not since their blood is mixed with that of the wolves. Never-the-less, they still live for thousands of years. They are also much shorter than their pure-blood elf cousins.

    The elves live in a great tree shaped by Redlance's bond with the plant kingdom. They affectionately refer to this father tree as the Holt. Redlance was born with this special gift, and uses his powers to enhance crop yields, to shape bows, and preferrably for beauteous purposes. Sometimes, when necessary, Redlance can cause choking overgrowth, and use his powers to grow poisonous thorns in the paths that would otherwise lead humans towards the holt.

    Thus, in his defensive capacity, Redlance has proven to be a protectorate extraordinaire, defending against both Troll and human-kind. He is more feminine and sensitive than his life partner, /nightfall/29-1583/ Nightfall, who is more masculine and decisive. Redlance and Pike are expert story-tellers.

    Pacifist Defender

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    Although Redlance is feminine while his Recognised partner Nightfall is aggressive and dominant, he is a fierce defender. He using his tree-shaping talent to grow poisonous vines or brambles. He shrowds the Holt (Forest Den) from any potential danger of Human hunters or war parties. In ElfQuest #19, Redlance nigh single-handedly defended the elf-children against an invading foray of Ice-Trolls. He was the only adult Wolfriders to remain in the Go-Backs den during the war for the palace, and during this battle, a fury of his talents turned the wooden lodge into a living trap.


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