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Originating from Resentments

The Redhead Comics project is based out of Washington, D.C.  On their website, the co-founders Eric Jackson and Elrod list two fairly decent gripes about current happenings in Marvel in particular:

 "If you really want to see what is wrong with the industry please read Ultimate Captain America Annual #1. For $3.99 you can watch Jeph Loeb destroy everything good about the Black Panther. The story ranges from boring to offensive in a mere 48 pages. Cliff Notes version (SPOILER – The Comic Sucks)

  • T’Challa fails the Panther Trials
  • He is badly injured so they turn him over to the Weapon X Program…see where this is going?
  • New Power short claws made out of, you guessed it, Adamantium.
  • They could give him enhanced speed, senses, strength, night vision, and oh yeah healing ability. Yet they couldn’t FIX HIS VOCAL CORDS so he’s mute. That’s right the most powerful Black Super Hero is also a mute. One word, offensive.
  • Captain America is a better fighter than the Black Panther; in the regular universe they are evenly matched. Then Nick Fury says that Cap should mentor the Black Panther. Mentor…the Black Panther, the cultural, spiritual, warrior king of the Wakandan people the single most advanced and powerful nation on Earth. So functionally he’s Captain America’s new sidekick.

All this makes me think of is when they stripped Wonder Woman of her powers and made her learn Kung Fu. So basically we have to make comics or all of our childhood heroes will at best be poorly written or at worse, like the Black Panther, become nothing more than Wolverine rip-offs shackled in racism."
The co-founders Eric Jackson and David Elrod grew tired of the injustices that were being swept under rugs in mainstream comic media, so they started brainstorming ideas for their own comics.  The two then asked Nicole Cairns in January 2010 to help them with social networking to build their support base from such internet sites like Facebook, twitter, MySpace, and BlogSpot.

Current Webcomics

Most of their webcomics are updated every 3 months or so and can be found on their main site.
  1. Dilemmas of Peril
  2. Measure of Wheat For a Penny
  3. Skull Boy
  4. Zerox Heros

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