Character » Redemption appears in 3 issues.

    Possibly more powerful than Superman, his powers are fueled by the people's belief in him.

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    His name is Jarod Dale A.K.A Redemption; he appeared briefly while Superman lost his powers for a year. He appeared in Nyasir to avenge the deaths of a missionary family that grew up in Valley Falls the town in which he lives. They were killed after ignoring repeated warnings by the military government to stop their proselytizing. From this act, the church of Valley Falls dispatched Redemption to protect the shepherds of their church. But the church people’s faith was too much for him to handle. And he killed many people of Buranda in Nyasir. The power of prayer sustains Matthew Hightower, which he then channels into Jarod Dale. Jarod’s power would have remained dormant if Reverend Hightower had not energized him. Because the power of faith was to strong for Jarod it made it very hard to control. It is shown in Nyasir, that he can not control his power when the belief in him is to strong.

    From the battle between Redemption and Superman, Superman found out that Redemption's powers where very strong. Testing them by sending him into space, but cold, heat and the lack of oxygen did not effect him. Even re-entry back into Earth did not faze him. But through the battle from one moment he seemed to have invulnerability to the next he didn't. His shoulder was separated with just a pull. Redemption told Superman that the people of Sakira were in trouble, he travelled there and he saved them. On coming back, Redemption had gone back home.

    Back home he confronted the reverend about using him to fuel his desires. But from this, the reverend's people lost faith in him and is power disappeared along with it Jarods.


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