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The Redeemers were a team of superhuman criminals given an opportunity to expunge their criminal records through clandestine service to the V-Battalion. After the death of her husband, Strikeback, Leila Davis turned herself in to the authorities. The Commission on Superhuman Activities recruited her into the Redeemers rather than imprison her and made her the new Beetle. Valerie Barnhardt was in the USAF when a commanding officer attempted to rape her. She fought back, paralyzing him, but was court-martialed because the C.O. convinced the authorities of his innocence. She was recruited into the Redeemers as Meteorite. Conrad Josten was the younger brother of Erik Josten, formerly the supervillain Goliath. The Commission on Superhuman Activities gave Conrad the opportunity to redeem his brother's name and rechristened him as the new Smuggler. Scream, the sonic being formerly known as Angar the Screamer, was given a chance to earn a pardon for his criminal acts by joining the Redeemers. Finally, Jolt and Charcoal of the Thunderbolts were recruited to serve in the Redeemers, as well. After training sessions with Captain America and a couple of successful outings, the team was sent to face Graviton, who killed Meteorite and the Beetle, but only apparently killed all of the others. Though Jolt, Charcoal, the Scream, and the Smuggler all, in fact, survived, the surviving members of the Redeemers never reformed after their tragic defeat at the hands of Graviton.

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