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Origin and history

The Redeemer (Dr. Shep Gunderson) works for Mayor J. Jonah Jameson.

Since Jameson's tenure as mayor began, crime rates had risen seven percent, causing concerns from the public. Gunderson proposed a program to rehabilitate criminals, but Jameson vehemently rejected his idea proclaiming a criminal is still someone who had committed a crime, something his administration needed to have a strong hold over.

Unmoved by his rejection, Gunderson visited recently injured criminal General Wolfram, a low-life criminal who had been brutally taken down by the Sinister Spider-Man, Mac Gargan(Who is also known as Venom). Under the guise of the Redeemer, he recruited Wolfram and several other criminals to help take down what he perceives to be the root of their criminal behavior: Spider-Man.

After giving the Redeemers cyborg limbs he borrowed, he is confronting Spiderman in an abandoned building with his team (the Redeemers), he demands Spiderman do therapy, apologize publicly, and do 1000 hours community service. Spiderman says he'll just eat them all, so Eleven attacks him wanting revenge. Spiderman than defeats the Redeemers, eating Eleven and Hippo, getting Doctor Everything arrested, and biting of all the Redeemer's limbs. However, Redeemer and his two remaining teammates (Dementoid and General Wolfram) send in pictures of Spiderman doing various horrible crimes (like starting a gang war) into Mayor J. Jonah Jameson.

Powers and abilities

A doctorate in psychiatry.

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