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In an origin story that bears a vague resemblance to a well know mystryman superhero who would appear 14 years later, Reddy Kilowatt came about as Alabama Power Company executive Ashton B. Collins, Sr sat watching a nighttime lightning storm.  
At the time while electrical power was on the up-swing many people throughout the country were still suspicious of it, trying to think of a way to but a human face on the new utility, Collins was inspired by a large forked bolt of lightning that stuck the ground.

Thinking that it has looked like a stick figure made out of lightning he made a sketch of his idea, adding gloved hands, feet and a head round head with power outlet ears and a light bulb nose.

Calling him Reddy Kilowatt he debuted March 11, 1926 as the mascot for the Alabama Power Company where he proved so popular that he was soon adopted by dozens of other power companies.

Eventually Reddy would be featured in coloring books, comic books, cartoons produced by the Walter Lantz Cartoon Company, and electric bills.

In 1998, Reddy's freewheeling day ended when all rights to him were bought by the Northern States Power Company, who added Reddy Flame, a character promoting natural gas, as a sort of partner, they however have not seen fit to place either of the Reddys in a comic book, the day of the corporate comic it seems being truly gone.

Actually things have changed quite a bit since I asked that question, (rendering it moot now) use to be you could only tell were a few characters were ranked, now you can click and see how any of them are doing.


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