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    The sole survivor of the SAS team known as the Redcoats.

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    The elite Equilibrium agent who would one day be code-named Redcoat, grew up on the tough streets of Brixton, South London. During her wild youth she had many run ins with the law, the details of which are now classified. On her 18th birthday, she was enlisted into a short lived government initiative, offering “social undesirables” British Army service as an alternative to incarceration.

    She responded exceptionally well to the discipline and structure of military training and quickly distinguished herself as a solid hand-to-hand combatant and an excellent pilot. But what most caught the eye of her superiors, were her extraordinary aptitudes for strategy and inventiveness. As a result, she was selected to join the SAS Mobility Troop and became one of their top pilots specializing in close support, extraction and reconnaissance.

    Before long she was noticed by Lord West, and hand selected to be one of his “Redcoats” a shadow arm of the SAS, specializing in deep-cover espionage and off-the-books ops in North America. But in a sudden political shift, the Redcoats were dissolved and disavowed.

    She followed West to the newly-formed international peace keeping task force “Equilibrium” becoming his right hand. Later, when West was elevated to head the organization, she stepped into his former role as the active agent representing Britain in Equilibrium, as well as adopting his call sign “Redcoat”.

    Redcoat and Captain Canuck had a rocky start, but their rapport has grown through countless successful missions together. Redcoat has become the voice of reason and experience in Captain Canuck’s ear. He can rely on her for an unflappably cool head, outstanding tactical instincts, and a “bird’s eye view” in any situation. She brings tactical and strategic experience that Canuck respects implicitly.

    Powers & Abilities

    Redcoat possesses no powers but has remarkable intelligence, leadership and various combat skills.


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