Movie » RED released on October 15, 2010.

    An adaptation of Warren Ellis's graphic novel RED. Frank Moses is an ex-CIA agent who puts his old team back together when he is targeted for assassination.

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    Fun Mindless Entertainment 0

    By now you should have heard about the movieRED starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Brian Cox, Helen Mirren, Richard Dryfuss and Mary-Louise Parker. Let's be clear, this movie has pretty much nothing to do with the comic by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner that "inspired" it. The movie deals with former CIA assassin and black operative, Frank Moses (in the comic his name was Paul Moses). While trying to find some semblance of a normal life since he's retired, he gets targeted fo...

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    Not bad, Not good, but not bad 0

    Alright, For those of you who have read the comic book RED by Warren Ellis, will know what kind of man Moses was. To take this movie from the comic book point of view, my first reaction was "WTF???" But seriously, thats any comic book lovers, sorry true comic lovers, reaction to movies based on comic books and graphic novels. I know people who say the movie was better than the comic. :S Anyway back to the point, After Im done criticizing the movie while I'm watching it, I tend to change my viewp...

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    Decent 0

    For starters, yes I have read the books. Yes I like liked the movie despite the fact that it had little to do with the source material. Anytime I watch a movie based off of a book/comic/tv series/etc. I like to look at it from two perspectives; it's accuracy to source material and the movie in it's own right. For someone who has never read the comic this is a really good movie. For someone who has, it's completely different from the books that inspired it. Like most other comic book adaptations ...

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