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    Amalgam version of Red Ryan and Human Torch

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    Red is the Amalgam version of DC's Red Ryan and Marvel's Human Torch.

    Johnny is the younger brother of Sue 'Ace' Storm and a daredevil. He was allowed to go on an experimental test flight with his sister along with Reed 'Prof' Richards and Ben 'Rocky' Grimm. The rocket was sabotaged and crashed but all survived. From that day forth they became the Challengers of the Fantastic. Johnny carries a flamethrower as a weapon.

    Johnny is in love with Dream Crystal, one of the Un-People. She was taken from Johnny by their leader Vykin the Black Bolt, who forbid the union.

    Johnny has a tiny clone of himself that thinks as he does. Johnny Stormtrooper was used in the defeat of Galactiac, Johnny controlling the clone with the help of Uatu the Guardian. The clone died from the effort.


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