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'The Battler's' Beginning

Red born and raised in the small homely place of Pallet Town. He is the 1st main protagonist of the Pokemon Adventure series. Red was deemed The Battler by Professor Oak (Green's grandfather) after being in many battles throughout the Kanto and for having a "fighter's spirit". Growing up in such a small town Red always knew there was something bigger and better out there for him besides showing off his pokemon skills to his class mates, and then he met Pikachu.

Red & Company

Although Red didn't start off on the right foot with Green Oak or Blue but over time they all grew close bonds between one another and have stayed close ever since then. Part of Red's problem was his pride, growing up he always thought he was the best at everything pokemon. When after being on his journey he realized that there are some some that are better and some that are worse than him. Besides having a bond with Green & Blue, it has been hinted at that Misty from the Cerulean and Yellow have a big crush on Red. Although, most recently it seems that that bond is closer with Yellow than Misty.

Red has always had the motto that pokemon are a man's best friend. And he has lived by that motto, befriending his own pokemon, wild pokemon, and even legendary pokemon. Red is an avid pokemon trainer and would do anything to protect them at all cause. He believes in justice and foils any evil plans Team Rocket may have to hurt or use pokemon.

Current Pokemon Team

Other Pokemon:


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