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William Talltrees was born in modern day Wolf Point, Montana. He was the son of Thomas Talltrees, a Cheyenne tribal leader, and grew up hearing tales of the legendary Red Wolf. William was bullied into selling his property to corrupt businessman Cornelius Van Lunt whose henchmen later killed William's family. William swore vengeance, finding and donning the ceremonial garb of Red Wolf. Owayodata visited him and empowered him with the spirit of Red Wolf. The new Red Wolf found a wolf cub whom he named Lobo and trained to be his companion. Following Van Lunt back to New York, he was able to avenge his family with the help of the Avengers.


Red Wolf was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema and first appeared in The Avengers issue 80 (1970).

Major Story Arcs

Going Solo

After his adventure with the Avengers, Red Wolf set of on a mision of his own. During this, the met with a couple of strage heroes. One such ocassion was with Gabriel, the Demon Hunter, with whom he teamed up to battle the evil King Cycle.

He later also joined forces with Tigra on two occassions to battle the alien Super Skrull and the Ratpack.

Member of the Rangers

Red Wolf became a member of the Rangers after answering a distress call from Rick Jones. He also served in Vietnam which resulted in him getting intangled in a vendetta with Bengal. He has since been reinstated in the Rangers as part of the Initiative.


Superhuman senses. He is a skilled-hand-to-hand fighter. Expert archer and tracker. Employs a coup stick which is 6 ft. wooden staff and is used as a bo or javelin. He also carries a tomahawk and knife

Other Versions

Secret Wars - 1872

In a reality on Battleworld, only known as "1872" (the year that reality was in) Red Wolf was a tribe-man whom tried to blow up a damm near the town of Timely. The damm had caused great drought in their surroundings and his people would soon die if they had no water supply. Red Wolf was however caught by the townspeople and was sentenced to death by the mayor of Timely, Wilson Fisk. It was then that sherrif Steve Rogers intervened and saved him, at the cost of his own life. Red Wolf managed to gain support in the town and brought the assailants to justice. He then took over as Sherrif for the small town of Timely.


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