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    Red Torpedo #2: Android sister to The Red Tornado and hero of Prague.

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    This entry is for Red Torpedo #2. Red Torpedo #1 was Jim Lockhart, former naval captain. He built himself a 1-man submarine and patroled the seas in Crack Comics #1-20 (Quality Comics). The Quality line was later purchased by DC and he has appeared occasionally in various DC Comics. For his profile, go here.

    Red Torpedo #2 was the first of the Androids to be created by Dr. T.O.Morrow.

    She first appeared in Prague, apprently appearing from nowhere. The Press called her Cervena Torpedo, or the Red Torpedo. She was photographed and written about during World War II, intially attacking without reason, in Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf.

    Morrow was using Torpedo to set up something in Europe, but she betrayed him, so he had to shut her down and put into a sunken ship at the bottom of Pearl Harbour. She was discovered by the Red Tornado a short time later and reactivated.

    And this time, the only known relationship between the Red Torpedos is the name and publisher.

    In Other Media

    Red Torpedo appears in the Young Justice episode "Homefront" alongside her brother Red Inferno. They are defeated when Artemis sets off an E.M.P by shooting her arrow at it, disabling both Red Inferno & Torpedo.


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