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Year Two continues, by MARK RUSSELL (DC’s Year Of The Villain) and BOB Q (Captain America). Chaos descends as Khitai’s new Master Of War, Sonja The Red, knows what she must do to restore order. But to do what is right, she may lose everything…

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AJae Lee (a) & June Chung (c)1
BCover BJoseph Michael Linsner2
CCover CBob Q3
DCover DMarc Laming4
ECosplay Cover E (Katy DeCobray)Photo5
F/RI1:5 Retailer Incentive "Frank Miller Homage" Edition Variant CoverStephen Mooney6
G/RI1:10 Retailer Incentive "Seduction" Edition Variant CoverAndrew Pepoy (a) & Jason Millet (c)7
H/RI1:15 Retailer Incentive "Frank Miller Homage" Edition Variant CoverStephen Mooney8
I/RI1:20 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Edition Variant CoverJoseph Michael Linsner9
J/RI1:30 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Edition Variant CoverJae Lee10
K/RI1:40 Retailer Incentive "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverBob Q11
L/RI1:50 Retailer Incentive "Seduction Black & White" Edition Variant CoverAndrew Pepoy12
M/LELimited Edition "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverJae Lee (a) & June Chung (c)13
N/LELimited Edition "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverJoseph Michael Linsner14
O/FOCBonus FOC Retailer Incentive Variant CoverRoberto Castro15
P/FOC1:11 FOC "Black & White" Edition Variant CoverRoberto Castro16
Q/FOC1:15 FOC "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverRoberto Castro17
R/FOC1:21 FOC "Tinted" Edition Variant CoverJae Lee18
S/FOC1:25 FOC "Tinted" Edition Variant CoverJoseph Michael Linsner19
T/FOC1:30 FOC "Tinted Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverJoseph Michael Linsner20
U/FOC1:35 FOC "Tinted Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverJae Lee21


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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