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Through the plains of Hyrkania, a message sweeps through the scattered peoples of the nation. Bells ring, horns blow, voices shout - the King is dying! Red Sonja rides to save the King from his doom as the powers of Hyboria crowd around to strike when the kingdom is weakest. But a dread new power rises from within Hyrkania's own borders, bent on defending its homeland - no matter the cost, no matter what its people become. A defining chapter of the Red Sonja saga - dark, clever, vicious, and funny - as the She-Devil with a Sword must stop the rise of a brutal new regime... her own people!

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AMarguerite Sauvage1
BConnecting Cover BJay Anacleto2
CCover CTula Lotay3
D/SubConnecting Subscription CoverTony Fleecs4
E/AuthBlank Authentix CoverNone5
F/RI1:10 Retailer Incentive CoverMing Doyle6
G/RI1:25 Retailer Incentive CoverScott ?7
H/LERare Connecting "Virgin Art" Edition CoverJay Anacleto8
I/LERare Hooded Variant Cover, Limited to 50Scott ?9
J/LERare "Black & White" Cover, Limited to 100Marguerite Sauvage10
K/REAOD Collectables Exclusive Variant CoverDennis Calero11
L/REAOD Collectables Exclusive Variant CoverAshley Witter12
M/REAOD Collectables Exclusive "Black & White" Variant CoverAshley Witter13
N/REDynamic Forces Exclusive "Black & White" Variant CoverJay Anacleto14
O/REIn Your Dreams Collectables Exclusive Variant CoverSergio Fernandez Davila15
P/REExceed Comic: A Divison of Jesse James Comics Exclusive Variant CoverDennis Calero16
Q/REMidtown Comics Exclusive Variant CoverNei Ruffino17
R/REMidtown Comics Exclusive "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverNei Ruffino18
S/REMidtown Comics Exclusive "Black & White" Variant CoverNei Ruffino19
T/REComic Block Exclusive Variant CoverBrent Peeples20
U/REShared Retailer Exclusive CoverRobert Hack21

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