Red Sonja #1

    Red Sonja » Red Sonja #1 - Worlds Away released by Dynamite Entertainment on January 2017.

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    A new chapter for the Queen of the Hyrkanian Age. Our favorite warrior has faced the toughest of demons, foes and strange magic, but nothing has prepared this 6 ft. tall barbarian for…the modern world. Emerging from a subway construction site in New York City, confronted by cops and guns, Sonja fights for her survival in a new and hostile world. Is she here by accident or by design? Who brought her here, and why? By the creative team of Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, KISS) and Carlos Gomez (Dresden Files).

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    ACover ANick Bradshaw & Pete Pantazis1
    BCover BJ. Scott Campbell2
    CCover CBrandon Peterson3
    DCover DGiuseppe Camuncoli & José Villarrubia4
    ECosplay CoverPhoto5
    F/SubSubscription CoverMel Rubi & Kim Mohan6
    G/RI1:10 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Variant CoverNick Bradshaw7
    H/RI1:20 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Variant CoverGiuseppe Camuncoli8
    I/RI1:30 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Variant CoverMel Rubi9
    J/RI1:40 Retailer Incentive "Black & White" Variant CoverBrandon Peterson10
    K/RI1:50 Retailer Incentive "Virgin Art" Variant CoverJ. Scott Campbell11
    L/AuthBlank Authentix Edition CoverNone12
    M/REDynamic Forces Exclusive Variant CoverKewber Baal13
    N/REDynamic Forces Exclusive "Black & White" Variant CoverKewber Baal14
    O/RENerd Block Exclusive Variant Cover?15
    P/RESteampunk Exclusive Variant CoverEric Basaldua16

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