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    On Earth-30, Kal-L's rocket crashed down on a Ukrainian farm, and he was raised to be an invincible Communist superman who would change the course of history.

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    Kal-L is an alternate version of the Silver Age Superman, and possesses all of the same powers and abilities of the Original Silver Age Superman--and just about the exact same personality--but with one slight alternate difference, His Rocket arrived to Earth 16 hours early, so instead of Landing in Smallville, Kansas, he landed in Ukraine, and grew up to be the Soviet Union's Greatest weapon.

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    When he was about 33 years old, He was revealed to the public to be the Soviet's Newest Super-weapon, which America had absolutely no chance against... He was sighted in dozens of states in the US, and revealed his immence powers... Mainly to help people...

    Meanwhile, the CIA's top Scientist Lex Luthor was planning to make a clone of the "Super-man", "His American Equal" Luthor called it, but to everyone else, the hideous clone was dubbed " Bizarro".

    After a fairly short fight against Bizarro, Superman became victorius, when Bizarro gave up and flew into the Sun. Which marked Luthor's first of many failures against the Comrade of Steel. He created dozens of other monsters to battle the Soviet Superman, such as The Parasite, Metallo, The Atomic Skull, and several others, which were only seen in a wax museum dedicated to Superman's greatness. However, one of Luthor's plans did turn out to have some success, he managed to talk Brainiac into stealing a heavily populated Russian city, not the one of his choosing, but still a great loss for Superman none the less...

    And, while America's economy was going to hell because of the Soviet Union's superiority, Superman began making a negotiation with the Amazons to join the Communist side, which they agreed to, and enlisted Wonder Woman as another champion of the Communist Party.

    Together, Superman and Wonder Woman traveled the world and converted other countries to the Communist Party, except for America, which refused to join Soviet Russia's empire... But by that time they were faced with their first major threat, " Batmankoff", who has an everlasting vendetta against the Communist Party after a Soviet officer shot and killed his mom and dad, which inspired him to become a one-man-army against Russia's New Utopia Superman has built for it. His first attack against the Comrade of Steel was during a festival in honor of Superman, and when the fireworks went off--that was suppose to shape as Superman's Sickle and Hammer Insignia--was replaced by Batmankoff's alarming Symbol. This triggered Superman to go after Batmankoff, where he found Wonder Woman on top of a building, tied up with her own Lasso of Truth, warning Superman of Batkoff's trap when it was too late. He emerged from the shadows, holding a detonater in his hand, which Superman saw led to an explosive inside Batkoff's small intestine, which did not seem like an admirable threat to Superman, until Batmankoff triggered a Sun-lamp all around the top of the building. Which confused Superman even more, and did not notice what Batmankoff's true intention was, until he punched the Comrade of Steel in the jaw, knocking him over like any ordinary man. Batmankoff explained to him how it was the Solar lamps that took away his powers, and it was suppose to simulate is native Red Sun--which was Lex Luthor's idea, before again kicking him while he's down once more. But after Superman's beating from Batmankoff, he threw the Comrade of Steel into an average closet and locked him in like some sort of animal... With Batkoff suggesting the only alternitive for Superman to Wonder Woman is to put him out of his misery once and for all. That's when Wonder Woman used her great strength to somehow break free from her Magic Lasso--scarring her horribly-- but, she managed to save Superman and get him back into the rays of the yellow sun in time to get off the building before Batmankoff blew himself up.

    Soon after Superman's Confrontation with Batmankoff, and the passing of Leader of Soviet Russia Josef Stalin, Superman was appointed by the People of Russia to become the New leader of the Communist Party. Superman, and the newly "Reprogrammed" Brainiac, shaped Russia into a nigh-perfect Utopia, Similiar to Krypton, but where Criminals were Lobonized By Brainiac and Programmed to Dress as Batmankoff and clean the Streets of Ukraine, and Brainiac even tapped into the atmosphere to even gain control of the Weather, So no one would be inconvienianced by being caught without an umbrella in the rain. Superman Even bragged that No one Ever complained--Even to themselves...

    And sure enough, by that time the now balding Lex Luthor gained another weapon to fight Superman with, that he found on the finger of an alien who crashed landed somewhere in Texas.. The Ring was able to multiply itself thouasnds of times at Lex's will, and he enlisted and entire Corps to bear the Power Ring in order to fight Superman with, namely an ex Prisoner of War Hal Jordan, and several others with the last name " Gardener", " Scott", " Rayner", and " Stewart", hinting on he enlisted the same Green Lanterns as the ones in most of the other Universes. However, The GLC did not stand a chance against the Superman, as he remarked after taking Hal's Ring;

    "A Thought based weapon against someone who can move at ten times the speed of thought? not Too smart, Colonel Jordan.."

    And Thus, foiling yet another one of Lex's Plans.

    However, the Soviet Union had control of nearly the entire world by then-- all except for the stubborn nation of America, that was in complete poverty because of The Soviet's control over nearly all trading.. Brainiac had been "Reprogrammed" To serve Superman and Soviet Russia, Lex Luthor was completely bald by then, and out of ideas, and all conflict seemed to be at an end... Until, Luthor decided to send an All-out invasion on Russia as a last-ditch effort, and Brainiac insisted on Superman attacking them first, to lessen the death-toll, and Superman headed to Washington, and was confronted by Wonder Woman and the Amazons on his way there. But as usual, they barely put up a fight and arrived at Washington, to be greeted by just about every rogue he's ever battled all at once, Such as the Atomic Skull, Parasite, Metallo--even Doomsday.

    In the midst of the battle Brainiac arrived in his giant Skull Ship, and attacked the Comrade of Steel, revealing even Superman was unsuccessful in Reprogramming him. And During the fight Superman advised Mrs. Luthor (Lois Luthor) to evacuate the area, but she refused to go. Superman confronted her when she handed him something she assumed could beat even him, an envelope. He opened it, and inside it, he found a note, reading "Why don't you just put the whole world in a bottle?" ...which brought him to his knees in pain, knowing that the Soviet Union was merely using him to their advantage. Meanwhile, inside Brainiac's ship, Luthor was busy trying to destroy him from the inside, and set off a self-destruct mechanism. Superman managed to get Luthor out, and flew the ship into space as fast as he could go--And Brainiac calculated not even at his fastest speed he could avoid the planet-shattering blast, but Superman disposed of the ship with half a second to spare, and was never seen again by the public eye...

    He then spent the remainder of his life as a mild mannered reporter named Clark Kent, to see what the world is like through human eyes, Like many of his alternate counterparts... It is unknown if he still resumed his role as Superman afterwords, but it is implied during his next few appearances.

    In the end of the story, a very distant future of the Earth is showed, a time in wich the sun of the earth become red, and the earth is going to explode. A man called Jor-L, long descendant of Lex Luthor, try to save his son from the explosion, launching him with a rockt back in time. The baby is called Kal-L, and in the last page is rocket is showed falling in Ukraina, in the 1938, revealing that Kal-L, Red Son Superman is not an alien coming from Krypton but a human coming from an extremely evolved Earth of distant future

    He also Made a Brief Appearance as Superman during The "Superman / Batman: With a Vengance" Story Arc when Batzarro inadvertantly teleports into Earth-30, and the Comrade of Steel attempted to throw him down a Smoke-Stack to kill him... But somehow, Batzarro survived. And plagued the Communist Superman briefly before returning back to New Earth. The Red Son Superman also appeared During 52: The Search For Ray Palmer, and again in a Small Cameo as one of the " Supermen of The Multiverse" during the Final Crisis story arc.

    Powers and Abilities

    Note: Red Son is not a "Kryptonian" in strict sense, since he came from the earth of a distant future and not from another planet. But since this "Future Earth" semble in all aspect Krypton [including a red sun], in the following section the term "Kryptonian" is used for sake of convenience.

    Red Son has identical powers to those of regular Superman. He's endowed with the ability to absorb solar energy, move at super-speed, hear from far distances, be unharmed by physical attacks, fly, live longer than mortals, project regular or cold winds from his mouth, and beams of heat out of his eyes. He's incredibly strong, able to see over great distances and perceive even the smallest of objects, see through the atomic structure of an object, endure more than regular people, and instantly recall events that he pays specific attention to or that hold great emotional significance to him.

    Red Son Superman has all the following powers of regular Superman, including :

    Solar Battery

    As a if it was a "Kryptonian", Kal-L possesses the ability to absorb the solar energy from yellow stars. His "Kryptonian" body is constantly absorbing and storing energy from Earth's yellow sun (allowing him to retain energy under roofed structures and even at night) which in turn grants him incredible powers, including superhuman strength, enhanced senses, impenetrable skin, and the ability to defy gravity.


    Superman has the ability to physically lift impossibly massive amounts of weight. Superman easily surpasses the Class 100 strength level (this is the ability to lift over 100 tons under normal conditions) and has no known limit. Superman's strength is aided in lifting/supporting the most massive objects--especially when flying--by the bio-electric force field his body produces.


    Superman has the ability to move and fly incredibly fast. He shows the ability to achieve speeds faster than light.

    Telescopic, Microscopic, X-Ray, and Heat Vision

    Kal-L is able to see over great distances and perceive even the smallest of objects. This vision also allows him to see through the atomic structure of an object, though he is unable to see through lead.

    Superman’s physiology can convert stored solar energy into beams of highly concentrated thermal energy which can reach temperatures comparable to those produced by stars. The two beams of energy which are released from his eyes are bright red in color, but at lower temperatures can be made invisible, allowing him to work undetected.

    Super Hearing

    Kal-L has the super human ability to hear all sounds at any volume or pitch and across any distance, presumably as long as there is atmosphere to carry the sonic vibrations.

    Superhuman Stamina

    Superman’s "Kryptonian" physiology allows him exert himself to physical peak for an undetermined amount of time. When Kal-L is under a star with a yellow spectrum he is constantly replenishing his solar reserves. When Kal-L is under a G type dwarf star with a yellow spectrum his solar energies are constantly being replenished.


    Red Son Superman has incredible durability. He has taken hits from the U.S.'s Bizarro, Amazonians, Green Lanterns, and more. However, his invulnerability can be compromised by Red Sun Radiation, which Batmankoff demonstrated.


    While Superman's body is charged with solar energy he is able to emit a gravitational field that enables him to defy gravity. Kal-L has extreme mobility while he is in flight allowing him to fight, change course, and also carry great weights. While in Earth's atmosphere Kal-L is able to move at supersonic speed; while in space, he can move at superluminal speeds. Kal-L tends to avoid moving at FTL speeds while in a planet’s atmosphere so that he does not harm the area around him. Kal-L has been seen flying from the Earth to the moon in mere seconds.

    Super Breath / Freeze Breath

    Kal-L has the ability to suck in a large amount of air into his lungs and either hold it within him for a long period of time or create strong forces of wind with it. Kal-L also has the ability to freeze his enemies using his breath. He is able to control the temperature with which he expels this power. Superman's ability to chill the large intake of air comes from his lungs compressing the inhaled air and then upon its exhalation, the sudden increase in the volume of gas causes its temperature to drop dramatically.


    Yellow sun powered "Kryptonian" can live almost indefinitely.

    Total Recall

    Kal-L has the ability to instantly recall events that he pays specific attention to or that hold great emotional significance to him. When he has absorbed solar energy he has the ability to solve problems with superhuman speed.

    Weaknesses, Limitations, and Vulnerabilities


    Superman is still a mortal and is, as such, still as vulnerable to the workings of magic, in all its forms, as anyone else. Wonder Woman's Tiara is magical and can therefore be used to injure Superman, for he is susceptible to magic. Note that while this is true for most incarnation of Superman, Red Son have never been show fight magic using enemy, so he may not have this weakness


    Since he is not really a Kryptonian, and in this universe seem to be no Krypton [Kal-L come from a future version of our earth], is unknow if Red Son Superman have this weaknes. No Kryptonite has been showed durring the "Superman: Red Son" series. Anyway is possible that some fragment of the future Earth [that have crossed time] may have on Red Son the same effect of "Kryptonie": the mineral causes Superman to lose his powers and experience extraordinary pain and eventually death. If from suffering Kryptonite poisoning, he can recover if he gets away from the Kryptonite and exposes himself to yellow sun radiation, thus fueling his healing factor. Kryptonite has been known to cause harm such as cancer to humans after prolonged exposure to its radiation. (Most notably, Lex Luthor who had to have his hand amputated after wearing a kryptonite ring for an extended period of time during John Byrne's rebiit of Superman after Crisis of the Infinite Earths.) There are several types of Kryptonite and all have different effects on him.


    Superman cannot see through lead.

    Red Sun Radiation

    Superman is weakened when exposed to red solar energy similar to that of the future earth where he's born. Superman will lose his Kryptonian abilities when exposed to red sun energy and must be recharged by yellow sun energy in order to regain them.


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