Red Skull's Trophy Room

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    The room within the White House in New Babylon, the private trophy room of Red Skull where all fallen hero's equipment is.

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    Red Skull's Trophy Room first appears in Wolverine #72 in the Old Man Logan series.


    Red Skull is seen wearing Captain America's Suit in contemplation of past victories when the trophy room is first shown, items in the trophy room include...

    • Thor's Helmet
    • Dr. Strange's cloak of levitation
    • Spider-man's mask and a web shooter
    • Silver Surfer's board
    • Daredevil's batons and fragment of his costume
    • Iron man's armor
    • Captain Marvel's costume and what appear to be his gauntlets
    • Vision's head
    • Cyclop's visor
    • Thing's hand
    • Purple pants which most likely belonged to the Hulk
    • Punisher's shirt and guns
    • Angel's wing
    • A tail which most likely was Nightcrawler's
    • Ghost Rider's Jacket
    • Nova's Helmet
    • Black Panther's mask
    • Elektra's sai's
    • Moonknight's costume and moon blades
    • Iron Fist's Mask
    • Beast's pelt
    • Falcon's armor and pet falcon
    • Captain America's Shield
    • Ebony Blade

    There is also some form of bullet-hole riddled piece of metal on the wall with the Fantastic Four symbol on it

    Red Skull's Tomb

    The collection of super hero costumes, weaponry and paraphernalia would also prove to be the place where Red Skull dies as in that very room, a dead Hawkeye and bullet shredded Wolverine are brought into his trophy room. Wolverine regenerates, using the fact that the people assumed he was dead (or simply didn't know who he was or what his powers were or both) and took out Red Skull's men and then did battle with him. Even in old age Red Skull retained some measure of strength and agility, he and Wolverine fought heavily. Red Skull took hold of the Ebony Blade while Wolverine used Captain America's shield, the blade failed to cut the shield and said shield was then used to remove Red Skull's head from his shoulders. The fight as well as Wolverine's exit most likely resulted in the damaging or destruction of some of the super hero artifacts.

    Wolverine also stole parts of a working Iron Man suit (including the gauntlets, chest plate, helmet and boots) to exit the building and fly home, the suit had enough power to get him very close to his destination.


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