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    Shaping a Monster

    I really love when the major comic companies; explain their villain characters, because I tend to see the characters story a little different from then on. Let me first start by saying, if Marvel would've started the series from issue #3; you guys wouldn't have missed anything. In this issue we see Johann still living his life; as a typical street urchin. He's been carrying out hits for a criminal, when he comes across his 'friend' Dieter.

    The relationship between him and Dieter strikes me as mysterious, because as you continue reading; you get the impression that Johann cares nothing for him. Dieter expresses thanks to Johann for "making him strong" something that will be put to test throughout the issue.

    The story continues on, but I'm not going to spoil all of it; however you can see the ruthlessness of "Red Skull" showing in this issue; as he is asked to carry out some horrible task and, and he does so without question. One thing that I thought was great about the issue was; the historical accuracy. The way Marvel managed to manipulate history and place it's own influential characters in was genius, I thought so anyway.

    My verdict: It gets dull in some points, and the fact that I had to use a translator to translate some of the stuff that was said, irritated me.

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