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    Character » Red Shift appears in 31 issues.

    Red Shift is a former Herald of Galactus.

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    Nothing was known of the origins of Red Shift. His appearance resembled that of a Korbinite -- the race of Beta Ray Bill. However, who he once was and how he came to be a Herald of Galactus went unsaid.

    Red Shift served Galactus at a time when the Devourer had become addicted to consuming planets ripe with intelligent life. Rather than resist Galactus' new hunger addiction, Red Shift enabled it by loyally seeking how the appropriate planets. Eventually, a time came when he chose Earth as Galactus' next meal. He attacked the Silver Surfer to see this through. At first, the Silver Surfer didn't realize he was fighting another Herald of Galactus but soon recognized the Power Cosmic Red Shift wielded. Red Shift opened a portal into a black hole to trap the Silver Surfer, but the tables were turned. Red Shift was instead trapped after the Silver Surfer broke one of his swords and took the other.


    Red Shift appeared again when the Annihilation Wave began conquering the universe. Clearly, he had been freed of the black hole, and no longer did he serve Galactus. During his confinement, he had been replaced by the being called Stardust.

    Red Shift was attacked by the Seekers -- elite members of the Annihilation Wave bonded to beasts that could hunt beings with the Power Cosmic. Annihilus wanted to capture Red Shift and the other Heralds for study but Red Shift did not know the motives and wondered why Annihilus would be after the Power Cosmic when already the Annihilation Wave had more than enough power. He fought against the Seekers and would have fallen had Firelord not come to his aid. They were able to defeat the Seekers, and Red Shift joined with Firelord to go find other Heralds, starting with Gabriel the Air-Walker.

    Instead of Gabriel, the two Heralds found the Silver Surfer being attacked by Seekers and overheard that the Seekers depended on their beasts for power against the Power Cosmic. Red Shift and Firelord used that knowledge to destroy the Seekers attacking the Silver Surfer, who did not believe such lethal force was necessary. They obviously disagreed. Red Shift stood by as Firelord asked the Silver Surfer for help fighting the Annihilation Wave, because he had already agreed to fight with Firelord. They were joined by Stardust, the current Herald, who took the Silver Surfer's place as Galactus had summoned him.

    Red Shift was the first to sense the coming of Annihilus forces, and soon, they and a fleet of refugees were attacked. He and the other Heralds fought to protect the refugees. It was noted that Annihilus clearly wanted to still take the Heralds alive, because the weapons were set only at a level that would stun them. Red Shift and the others did not return the favor and used lethal force.

    Soon, Red Shift and the other two Heralds found their way to the United Front and joined forces with Nova. They became crucial weapons of orbital defense and keeping the airspace clear for the United Front's ground forces.

    Red Shift was there for the United Front's last stand on Daedalus 5. He was the first to realize that the battle was lost and told Stardust to start clearing an evacuation corridor for those who have a chance at escape. Things only got worse from there. The Heralds could sense that Galactus had come, being used as a weapon by Annihilus. Red Shift and Stardust put themselves in the path of the planet-destroying energy blast, holding it back long enough for some ships to escape. This destroyed him.


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