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    So She Finely Knows What It Feels Like

    It breaks my heart that this series is ending, it's actually a very entertaining series. But Of course, Marvel doesn't know how to treat a talented writer with respect, they didn't even give him a decent relaunch, it just started from 58, and of course many comic fans avoided it.

    Anyways, on to the review. The art is spectacular, each fight, sequences and character is drawn in extreme detail. On a couple of panels there is a literal hole that separates two dimensions and it's absolutely spectacular.

    What i liked most about this issue is the fact that a lot of things happen, and usually when so many elements play out, the series in general becomes mediocre at best, so props to Jeff Parker for managing and executing all these elements so well, it actually surprised me. Furthermore, Swamp thing is hilarious, but more importantly, Betty, after years of being the a none stop complaining machine, finely experiences Bruce's life, and she finely understands how terrible his life has been. the side characters are well used as well, no one particularly feels useless which happens a lot in current comics, and aaron and She Red She hulk are an awesome team. The Only Complaint i have is the fact that in Betty's dream sequence she gets exposed to gamma radiation and turns red, which should not happen, because the only reason she and her father are RED skinned is because of the mixture of cosmic and gamma rays.

    This is a really good series, in over 8 issues Jeff parker has managed to develop bettys character in an awesome and complicated way, which is really hard to do and not make it seem like a personality shift without any build up.

    Either way, this is really good.

    Recommendation: Yes!

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