Red Rose

    Character » Red Rose appears in 11 issues.

    The leader of the Flowers.

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    Current Events

    The Flowers and Club Excess
    The Flowers and Club Excess

    Violet and Harmony head out for Club Excess and persuade the bouncer to let them in. After a few minutes of dancing, Harmony gives Violet some narcotics so that she will loosen up on the dance floor. With her senses already partially disturbed, Harmony kisses her, which Violet originally takes to have been an erotic advance, but then realizes that Harmony had a sample of the drug called the Dream in her tongue which Violet has also now consumed. At their apartment, Calie is coming out of being drugged the previous night. She dreamed that she was in the middle of a normal family moment where Brandon, Violet and herself were involved in a family portrait. She starts to realize that things are going wrong as both Brandon and Violet in her dreams become suicidal. Brandon tells her that she has to wake up to go help Violet. When she wakes up she finds her daughter missing. She goes to Harmony's apartment and finds her mother passed out from the same spiked drugs which she consumed. She searches Harmony's room and finds a flyer for Club Excess and then goes to find Violet. Meanwhile at the Club, the Flowers led by Red Rose have identified Violet and promise to corrupt her, even while the remaining attendees of the night club start to cannibalize one another. Calie arrives in time to intervene. Meanwhile in Wonderland the Queen of Spades continues her attack on the Temple and the Queen of Hearts (which is still the combination of Salome and Julie.)


    Red Rose grew up in a Medieval setting and was the cohort of the ruler of a castle and its lands as a woman named Elizabeth Bathory. She found that people around her were dying and she sought some means of stopping this death. She eventually found out that it was her betrothed who was jealous of the others that shared her love. She sought revenge and in so doing made a deal with Baba Yaga, who traded the blood of innocents for increased power. Little did she know that the trade of power would send her to Wonderland where she would become the Red Rose.


    Red Rose is a mixture between the characters Elizabeth Bathory from Dracula stories and the Flowers from Alice in Wonderland. Her first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Return to Wonderland #6. her first appearance as Red Rose was in Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Beyond Wonderland #4.

    Character Evolution

    The character undergoes very little character development, though in the Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland One Shot focused on her, it does show her descent into villainy.

    Major Story Arcs

    After journeying to Wonderland she makes a deal with the Jabberwocky who gives her power in this realm. She is later seen in a small role as the leaders of the Flowers when Johnny Liddle travels to Wonderland.

    Powers and Abilities

    A ruthless and cunning individual in the regular world, these qualities are enhanced in Wonderland with her access to magical abilities.


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