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    Previously a mere robot, the Red Ronin was recommissioned and redeveloped by Fujikawa Industries as an amnesiac cyborg who at first knew herself as only "Namie."

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    Red Ronin vs Godzilla.
    Red Ronin vs Godzilla.

    The original Red Ronin was a hundred-foot tall robot designed by Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi and his assistant Tamara Hashioka. The robot was built at Stark International in Detroit for the purpose of subduing the king of all monsters, Godzilla. "Mr. Project" was the temporary code name before it got its official name from Dr. Takiguchi's twelve-year old grandson, Rob Takiguchi. The mega-robot was built with various weapons and was originally going to be piloted by a SHIELD agent. Rob believed Godzilla was not evil and that his grandfather's creation must not be used to kill the mutated reptile but to help him. Rob snuck aboard the robot's control cockpit in his head after he learned that Godzilla had been captured by SHIELD and placed aboard their floating helicarrier called Behemoth. Rob placed the cybernetic helmet which causes the robot to activate and perform according to the pilot's thoughts. However, Rob was knocked unconscious when the circuitry on the control panel overloaded and the cybernetic giant stumbled around blindly heading for some gas storehouses. SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo managed to enter the command portal through the robot's eye slits and prevented a major catastrophe from happening. Rob was carried out by Woo and they found out that Godzilla had escaped and was heading towards a secret missile installation with multiple nuclear warheads. Agent Woo decided to pilot the robot but it would not respond so they placed it on a giant flatbed. Dr. Takiguchi realized that the cybernetic helmet had locked onto Rob's particular synapse makeup and was the only person who can activate and control the robot. Rob snuck aboard the robot as it laid on the flatbed and headed toward the American base in California to stop Godzilla.

    Rob would name the robot Red Ronin which was the Japanese word for a samurai without a master. During his flight to California, Rob decided to test some of Ronin's controls and abilities. Rob even tested Ronin's power by flying through a mountain before finally encountering Godzilla on the missile base. Rob wanted to drive Godzilla away from the base and activated Ronin's laser blade. Rob was reluctant to use the blade and was suddenly hit with Godzilla's radioactive fireblast. Rob was able to calm down and lower the laser blade's intensity so he could strike Godzilla without causing him too much harm. Ronin was able to drive Godzilla away from the nukes but the Behemoth carrier piloted by Dum Dum Dugan was coming down to attack the reptile monster. Rob used Ronin's laser blade to slash the ship and temporarily knock out all its weapon circuits. Rob used Ronin's magneclamp-cables to airlift Godzilla away and hoped to reach the sea before the Behemoth ship could catch up to them. Godzilla began to wrestle with the cables which caused the cybernetic helmet to rip loose and Ronin was out of control. Godzilla burned through the cables before Rob regained control of the samurai robot and they both landed in the San Diego Naval Yard. The two massive warriors engaged each other in combat but Rob managed to convince Godzilla he meant no harm when he blasted the SHIELD helicarrier and allowed him to escape towards the open countryside inland.


    Red Ronin was created by Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe in 1978 and first appeared in Godzilla King of the Monsters # 7.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Red Ronin

    Red Ronin would come into conflict with a legendary Sasquatch creature called Yetrigar after an underground nuclear test frees the shaggy beast from his icy prison in a glacial cavern in Canada. The nuclear test opened up a pipeline from the desert of Arizona to Canada and exposed the creature to heavy doses of radiation. The monster grew over ninety feet tall and began to head south until it met SHIELD and Godzilla in the Grand Canyon. Rob takes control of Red Ronin and looks for Godzilla near Las Vegas. Rob sees the two monsters in a fierce battle and decides to join the fray. Rob tries to stop the fight by restraining Yetrigar but the hairy beast breaks free and slams Ronin into a canyon wall. Rob realizes that the Yetrigar is too dangerous and tries to kill the beast with his laser blade. Rob would use Ronin's laser blade to cause a huge avalanche that buries Yetrigar under a ton of rocks.

    Rob and Red Ronin would assist Godzilla when they are caught up in a war between the Betans and Megans. The Megans planned to conquer and plunder the planet Earth by unleashing three war monsters called Triax, Rhiahn and Krollar. The battle takes place on the outskirts of Salt Lake City and Red Ronin and Godzilla are doing their best to protect the city from the war monsters. Red Ronin is taken out of commission when the biomech monster called Rhiahn uses his anterior bio-blade to sever the head of the robotic samurai.

    The Thunderbolts

    During the Civil War, Red Ronin would be captured by members of the Thunderbolts. Red Ronin registers under the Superhuman Registration Act and join the Thunderbolts Army. The Thunderbolts had to fight off cities filled with civilians who were suddenly empowered when the Grandmaster opened up the Wellspring of Power. The Thunderbolts were broken up into numerous squads and sent to various locations throughout the world. Red Ronin was part of the Delta squad which also consisted of the three Beetles, Ironclad, and Mongoose. This group was responsible of maintaining order in Dallas.

    Namie has the serial number UJ1-DX.

    The Loners

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    Namie has joined The Loners, despite being created by their enemy Fujikawa Industries. She at first didn't know what she is, thinking she was a normal girl, when she is anything but. She has yet to demonstrate most of the previous Red Ronin's powers, but she can produce a red energy blade at will.


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