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When this series first began, I was a bit worried, in fact I was a touch mortified.  they made Damien Robin, took something Tim had worked for and earned,and just gave it away..
But Tim is slowly growing into his own as Red Robin (Not really fond of the Name) The Look, the way he acts, his methodology He's not Robin any more, and he's not Batman, nor is he Nightwing.  HE transcends all these and has become his own man.
His actions in the first arc, cutting himself off from everyone I at first saw as damaging to the character, but now I feel that it was something he had to do to grow into this role, and into his own self.
As sad as I was to see the Robin series end, I will be even more upset if they cancel this one.  Tim has become so much better, as a detective, as a hero, as a crime fighter.
I'm interested to see where this is leading, and how his battle with Ra's will pan out.   All in all this series started out slow, and worried me, but I've grown back into loving Tim as one of my favorite characters of all time.

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