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Good Luck Detective......

Quote: "Good Luck Detective" Ras


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Tim drake returns to Gotham with a much better disposition than he left with. He runs into a local villain and gets confused for doctor midnight. Reunites with Connor and Tam while skipping out on meeting with Lucius Fox. Meanwhile Hush romances reporter Vicky Vale while she interviews him. Tim's moment of tranquility is ended by a call from Ras. After exchanging "Un-pleasantries" he rushes to the bat cave only to run into ex-Girlfriend Steph in her new Batgirl garb.
End of Issue
Nice slow paced issue after the big drag out battles that have occurred in previous issues. Seeing Tim back in Gotham was nostalgia incarnate. I missed having Tim in Gotham as much as he missed it. It was also good to see the impact of knowing that Bruce was alive lighten Tim's mood. We finally see him dealing with and coming to terms with the resurrection of all his friends. Though this was great, it also set Tim up for quite an emotional shock the next time a friend dies...and they DONT come back. He's developing an unhealthy expectation that "heroes never die".   
Also of note was his hugging of Connor, powerful image! Connor represent a lot to Tim much like Clarke Parallels Bruce and to see him embrace his friend in a very....un-batman kinda way was refreshing and it showed how happy he was that his life wasn't unraveling as he initially thought.
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It was also cool to see Hush in his Bruce persona with Bruce's ex, this also had the tiny tidbit of the press being well aware of Tim Wayne's disappearance. He's a minor and a lot of stuff could come about from Bruce's apparent negligence as a parent. The mutual attraction from Tim and Tam was expected but not as "cute" as it could have been. We also get reason enough to have Tam remain in the picture. 
The set up for issues to come was also great, Tim and Ras face off. It was a great continuation of not just the red robin series but also of Ras ongoing fascination with Tim from when Grant was writing Bruce. Ras intends to pay back Tim surely BUT just like with Bruce he's also testing him if not preparing him still to be his successor.
The art has improved significantly since issue number one and that really shines here int his issue. The panels are allow ell placed, the story and art flow together and nothing felt rushed or disjointed.

Cant complain about anything.
5/5 stars

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