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Red Robin Returns... To Gotham 0

 I honestly cant think of any better way to finally bring Tim out of Dick Grayson's shadow that to put him up against one of Batman's greatest foes, and thats exactly what were seeing in Red Robin. Gone are the days of Timjust biding his time until help arrives, or avoiding the main conflict for fear of being overtaken. Tim is taking things head on, and its great to see.  This issue was very light. Like most "part one"s, this issue seemed to simply be setting up for the rest of the arc. Still, Y...

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Storylines Are Colliding 0

      We all know that Bruce Wayne's return is going to happen. Obviously, that is going to draw a lot of attention from faithful Bat-readers and the average comic fan – as it did with Captain America: Reborn . With all the changes in the Batman Family, there needs to be a good jumping on point. I feel like Red Robin #9 is that point as a number of storylines begin to, well, collide.      Yost uses Red Robin's return to Gotham to remind us of the current status quo with the Batman Family. Of cou...

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This is all repeated information that I wanted to write anyways. 0

I'll try to keep this short, cause a couple of people have already reviewed this and I'm not saying anything they haven't already touched on.  I still wanted to review it though, because this issue made me super positive (Like an Aluminum cation!).  And as usual, this is probably spoiler-y (lol, was that pun intended?). So we have Red Robin: Collision, Part One.  The story line seems to be aptly named because it alludes to the idea that, with Tim back in Gotham, the different stories amongst the...

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Good Luck Detective...... 17

Quote: "Good Luck Detective" Ras Summary  Tim drake returns to Gotham with a much better disposition than he left with. He runs into a local villain and gets confused for doctor midnight. Reunites with Connor and Tam while skipping out on meeting with Lucius Fox. Meanwhile Hush romances reporter Vicky Vale while she interviews him. Tim's moment of tranquility is ended by a call from Ras. After exchanging "Un-pleasantries" he rushes to the bat cave only to run into ex-Girlfriend Steph in her n...

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Series Review 0

When this series first began, I was a bit worried, in fact I was a touch mortified.  they made Damien Robin, took something Tim had worked for and earned,and just gave it away..  But Tim is slowly growing into his own as Red Robin (Not really fond of the Name) The Look, the way he acts, his methodology He's not Robin any more, and he's not Batman, nor is he Nightwing.  HE transcends all these and has become his own man.  His actions in the first arc, cutting himself off from everyone I at first ...

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Fun Times 0

 Fun. That’s the best way to describe this issue. Wait, what?  Describing the new badass “I’m dark and angry like my Daddy” attitude Red Robin-Tim Drake-Wayne-(Draper) as fun is a little weird.  However, it works. I loved the contrast in this issue of how Tim comes back to Gotham, talks about how shitty it is yet feels the need to apologize and actually crack a smile for good ol’ times.  Ra’s is super menacing in this issue and his plan seems pretty dastardly.  I feel like this actually has some...

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