Red Robin #8

    Red Robin » Red Robin #8 - Council of Spiders, Part 4 released by DC Comics on March 1, 2010.

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    This is it! Red Robin versus the Council of Spiders deep in the heart of the League of Assassins' headquarters. It's seven on one, with Red Robin facing some of the deadliest killers on the planet. Even if he can get out alive, can Tim Drake get out clean? Or has Ra's al Ghul's influence corrupted him? There's a line Batman and Robin swore they'd never cross...but to save Tam Fox's life, Red Robin may have to perform deeds he's never dared. Plus, Ra's al Ghul's master plan starts to reveal itself.


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    Bittersweet Victory 0

     Summary Tim and Tam are surrounded by encircling spider council members, he gets a call from Ras telling him he not dead. When Wanderer realizes she has been duped Tim attacks. Ras watches the whole thing from his unknown location. His unseen company lament Tim is dead already but Ras thinks the opposite he’s already won! Tim manages to save everyone and fend off the entire council; he makes his way to their command room where he sets off a self destruct. He also orders Pru to leave and s...

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    The Winner is... 0

    So the question at the beginning of this issue is " Will Tam Survive?" because i don't think we have any doubt that Red Robin likely will come out of it somehow considering its his book and this is issue 8 of an ongoing series. Robin spends a second or two to mull over the possibilities before finally taking on the whole spider gang all by himself. There isn't much more to this issue than fighting and a swift reminder that Tim is a former Bat-Kid. This issue gives a huge nod to Tim being the ide...

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    "Drake is different." - Ra's al Ghul 0

    as a longtime Tim Drake fan, i've grown rather tired of seeing him being portrayed as the weaker Bat-kid. They always pointed out that hes not as "by the seat of his pants" as Dick, not "a street tough brawler" like Jason, and not as "raised by assassins" as Batgirl.    But this issue finally does what i've been waiting for since Batman died: shows that Tim Drake is is as close to the Dog Gamn Batman as your gonna get.  The conclusion to "Council of Spiders"has Tim in the middle of Ra's al Ghul'...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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