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 "Council of Spiders," Part 1 of 4! Ra's al Ghul goes from hunter to hunted! What is the Council of Spiders, why have they been killing assassins, and who is the Wanderer? After the death of Red Robin last issue, the League of Assassins now must – wait, WHAT? Everything shifts into insane overdrive as the daughter of Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox completes her quest to find Red Robin, only to get caught up in one of the deadliest games on the face of the planet.    


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Clarity 0

 Summary Flashback to nineteen years ago to as a little girl flees from her would be abusers/pursuers she enters the Amazon only to fall into the lair of the wandering spider they swarm her. Surprisingly she survives and returns to the men who had caused her to go into the jungle in the first place when they touch her they all fall dead. She returns to her hometown where she also kills her mother. This little girl grew up to become a legend in Brazil, the girl who would not die and who’s tou...

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The rest of Batman's Legacy 0

Dick Grayson may have "inherited" the mantle of Batman, but as readers of "Red Robin" know Tim Drake Wayne is heir to "the World's Greatest Detective." Thus far Drake has been bopping all around the world looking for any shard of evidence that his (2nd) daddy (Bruce Wayne) is still alive. As this plot point has developed, time has been spent with Tim's own insecurities which seemingly came to a head with him pulling a geographic from Gotham. Recently the insecurities have manifested themselves a...

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My love for Tim Drake leaves me a bit biased. 0

(This may be spoiler-ish?)  This is probably the most poignant book in the series to date.  Red Robin finds himself in the League of Assassins lair, where he thinks he has been resurrected.  His reactions pretty funny when he realizes that he has not actually been resurrected and the Assassins are not trying to fight him.  After some introduction, the reader gets a recap of what happens to Pru and Tim, before they "die".  This is where my favorite panel is (and the most heart-wrenching):  "It's...

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